14 Days!

14 days

Karan and Neetu used to study in class 5th in a school in Delhi. They used to travel together along with other students in a bus. Just when they started getting acquainted, a fight broke up between the two because Karan was teasing her. Since then, they were like the best of enemies in the school. This went on till 9th standard when things got a little tied up and they got mature. Words got softer and ultimately they became friends. Both being studious, started working together on projects and school functions. Slowly and steadily this bond became stronger and they became best of friends.

Time passed, and they became adults, mature enough to take their own decisions. It was the 12th standard when the chords finally struck, and karan confessed his love for Neetu. It looked like as if Neetu was waiting for his proposal for years. It was a cold night when they met for the first time. They didn’t had words to talk to each other. As friends, they had so much to talk but now that they were a couple, both became very shy of each other and it was sweet. Things got smooth and eventually both of them were able to get hold of it.

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Karan being a very studious and lazy kind of person, was less vocal about his feelings which created gaps in the initial days. Day 1, it was a good feeling and both were happy. But as the days passed by, initial gaps started reflecting. Now you wouldn’t believe this but within the first week, it was like they had made a wrong choice. Were they better off as friends? Had they made a wrong decision?

14 Days!

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