Ask My Father: A Love Story

ask my father

Carol was a sweet girl and a college heartthrob. She was very choosy about her dressing sense and choice of friends. Being a beautiful girl and a hotshot of the college, she was rude at times, however, it also depended on her mood. When asked for a date by Michael, she said: “Go ask my dad!”. They both met at a gathering organized by a mutual friend. Carol had beautiful eyes and so Michael was mesmerized by her beauty and fell in love. Nobody could ever control himself from having a crush on Carol as she was such a beautiful girl.

It was winters and a band was performing at the nearby theatre. Michael asked her for a movie and she replied with a rather surprising answer, “You’ve to ask my father”, she said. He said, “Sure, I will”. He visited her house in the evening and sat down with her father. Her father was a strong personality and so he was a bit nervous talking to him. However, her father eased him up a bit. Her father asked Michael a lot of questions to which he responded. The questions were a bit jumbled up but as a father of a girl was justified. He asked him to drop her home soon after the performance gets over, to which Michael responded with a yes.

When Michael asked Carol as to why did her dad questioned like that, she said that she isn’t even 15. Now it made all sense. That night they both fell in love. Michael prayed to God for Carol’s love and his wish was granted. They dated for 5 years until the day when they met with an accident. They got serious injuries due to which Carol’s father asked her not to meet Michael again.

Ask My Father: A Love Story

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