5 Common Mistakes People Make In Long Distance Relationships

long distance relationships

Long distance relationships can be tricky, often capable of crumbling under the pressure of misunderstandings. People lie, cheat and hurt their partners, and sometimes people do nothing wrong and yet end up victims of their partner’s distrust.

The time spent apart can be a real test of the fabric of a relationship. And a couple that survives the long distance is very likely to spend an eternity together. So we take a look at five common mistakes you can avoid to do justice to your relationship and realise its true value:

1. Lying about anything

If you have to lie to your partner about anything, it means you either don’t trust them or you’re scared of hurting them.


Either cases prove to be fatal for long-distance relationships. You have to know for sure your partner can handle whatever you say to them, simply because they trust you — they won’t physically be around to judge the situation for themselves. And for that simple reason, any bond weaker than that will find it hard to handle a long distance relationship.

2. Not communicating enough

The best way to avoid paranoia and doubts seeping into your partner’s mind is by keeping them in the know of the things going on in your life.

Talk about your day, your plans or any big decisions you’re planning on making. If you’re struggling somewhere, reach out to them. A little communication goes a long way in cementing long distance relationships.


5 Common Mistakes People Make In Long Distance Relationships

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