Five Tips To Lead The Way For A Happy Long Distance Relationship

long distance relationship

Love is beautiful. But, it can have a grueling, challenging face too – a face that becomes most apparent in long distance relationships. It takes a lot of maturity and trust to have a happy long distance relationship. And while that’s easy to say, putting it in practice is not always that simple. So here are five easy tips that will help you understand and handle long distance relationships with compassion and maturity.

1. List it all up

Being in a long-distance relationship means your initiatives have a special, profound effect on your partner’s life. Simply because you’re not personally around to show appreciation or be there for them. So, one of the best ways to make them feel good is remembering things that matter. Could be their birthday, or a favourite book they mentioned or just anything else they talk about.



Keep a list handy where you write it all down after a conversation and surprise them with gifts or initiatives they totally won’t expect.

2. Talk about it

Didn’t like that food basket your partner sent you? Or don’t like their habit of calling you all the time?

Just. Say. It.


Don’t keep it in and lie or pretend. Just be honest. A truth is a bitter pill, after all. Though your partner will initially be a bit hurt, over time it will help you both get to know each other better. What is love if not knowing and accepting each other’s true selves?

Five Tips To Lead The Way For A Happy Long Distance Relationship

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