Signs She Would Be a Bad Wife!

So you’re thinking of getting married?

But is your would be wife appropriate for you? So many men have wives who make them hesitant to come home after their work. They rather like to do overtime, go out with friends after the office or stay at a friend’s place whenever they can. For these men, their home is an unhappy place which they never want to visit. The worst part is they begin lie for everything in order to avoid any conflict.

Who is to blame for all this? Why after the marriage, things start to worsen? If a man decides to marry a girl knowing that he won’t be able to survive without fighting with her, then it is his mistake. No man should go ahead with marrying a girl if he knows that she would cause problems to him!

Here are some signs to look for before walking into a marriage:

1. She complains about everything

This is one reason men don’t want to come home. It drives them from home to the bar. A woman that complains about almost everything even when the man does everything in his power to please her would always remain that way. And if she’s always like that, the marriage wouldn’t survive and bearing it would be difficult


2. She’ controlling

If she controls almost everything be it your clothes, your diet, your hairstyle, etc.. then it is the sign that your marriage would be a misery. Don’t let her take control of your life even if you love her. A marriage is about mutual understanding and not about controlling each others’ lives. Make sure it doesn’t happen


Signs She Would Be a Bad Wife!

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