The Tree Trunk: A Love Story

The Tree trunk

1900’s love stories were quite a thing. With limited ways to connect with each other, people often came up with innovative ways to express their feelings for their loved ones. Unlike today, people didn’t have mobile phones or WhatsApp and Facebook to stay in touch. Rather, they had very limited options to stay in touch with each other. Here is one such instance!

So back in the 1900s, when Rachel was born, it was a bit difficult for a woman to go anywhere by herself especially when she was young. It was unacceptable in the society back then. Also as she was the last child left at home to get married, socializing was even difficult. Also, as her parents were that conservative, they also didn’t feel like going out very often.

Rachel’s older sister lived near to the house with her husband. Her older sister’s husband was into business and he hired a young lad to work for him. It isn’t clear how Rachel and that young lad met but they eventually fell in love with each other. The name of the guy was Ron. He was a smart, well-built man with broad shoulders and was a delight to look at. He was intelligent and smart. They were only able to meet on weekends due to the conservative society back then. As I mentioned earlier, there were no mobiles, WhatsApp, emails, etc.. But as we know, Love always finds a way. Ron and Rachel found a very interesting way to connect.

The Tree Trunk: A Love Story

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