Things We All Did With Our Crush During Our College Life

college life

Trust we all had that special one during our college life whom we miss the most. All those days and moments we spent with them were so special that we wish that time came back and we could’ve lived the moments again. Things that made us feel crazy and things that couldn’t have been done with our family members. Those were the times we enjoyed being with our loved one. They were like a best friend, a partner, a colleague and the one who cared for us. Here’s a recall of all those crazy things we did that makes us smile even today. Let us take you back down the memory lane.

1. Holding hands during the lecture

Agree or not, during the college days we loved to hold each others’ hands. Be it the college canteen, or the library or it was a lecture, we actually held hands and sat quietly during the lectures. This was the gesture of love and in-fact, holding hands during that time was a big thing for us. It was called ‘breaking the touch barrier’ with your loved one. Did you also do the same thing? We’re very sure you did. Now don’t blush…


2. Proxy Attendance

Colleges were strict when it came to attendance and one of us always had the attendance short and we used to be very concerned about our partner. We made sure that somehow they get the much-needed attendance whether by hook or by crook. We had to talk to our professors and take them in our confidence so they give the required attendance to our partner. ¬†Finally, we somehow were able to get what we wanted to make our crush happy. What an achievement that was… What tactics did you use to get attendance? Or were you and your partner a regular?


Things We All Did With Our Crush During Our College Life

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